The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

This time we made sure we were on the mountain at 3:30am. This got us almost right at the Gateway and more importantly, leveler ground than half a mile down the road on a steep clutch killing incline. We were through the Gateway promptly at 4:00am and were well on the way to Devil’s Playground …

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Before I get into the article proper, a bit about my gear. Travelling by motorcycle limits how much stuff you can carry. For this trip I brought only three lenses. A Sigma 10-22mm f4.5, a Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 and a Canon 40mm f2.8 ASM (which I never used). Of course my Sigma 17-70mm was my …

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I promised Kelly I wouldn’t post this up until he was home. The Schafer Trail. Every bit as freak out scary as it looks. Or maybe it doesn’t look so freaky from above, you have to get on it to appreciate how damn scary it really is. I could barely look left for the first …

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As we exited the cool temperate confines of rock that surround the Sandy Arch we were once again subjected to the harsh morning Sun. Temperatures were already in the mid nineties and we weren’t even at 10am yet. We decided to do the loop for Broken Arch. It should be noted that the distance on …

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I’m not going to go into my time in SLC on the blog as I want to dedicate more time and space to it in another format. However I did finally get to meet my friend David and spend some time with he and his family and that was cool. David’s a pretty deep thinker …

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Well wifi has been an issue this trip and it’s been hard to keep up with uploading pictures. Still, that just means I’ll need some time after I’m home to finish updating everything I’ve seen and done on this trip. Meanwhile I’ll try to keep it interesting with what I do have, picture wise. Colorado …

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Welcome back. I’ve been having trouble finding decent wifi at the places I’ve been staying. Right now I’m at the Airport Ramada in Salt Lake City and you’d think, big chain hotel. It should have decent wifi. I does not. It comes and goes like the wind. Needless to say, this post is a few …

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Yesterday, I visited Mesa Verde National Park. Home of numerous cliff dwellings of the Ancient Pueblo Ancestors. A people that lived in and around the area from 600 AD till about 1300AD after which they moved on. The cliff dwellings started up around 1200AD but I’ll get to all of that in a sec. The …

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Much of the buildings that used to line Old Route 66 are gone. A few mouldering pieces remain. The heat today was punishing. A solid 94F from the get go and with at least 85% humidity. It got bad enough I ended up ditching my riding pants and going 1/2GAT. There was a solid cross …

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a long day like this on the bike. This was the first leg of what is going to be a long road trip. My distance covered for today was a respectable 529 miles. I was worried about my right shoulder giving me grief as it’s been grumbling all week …

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