The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

The above picture is one of my favourites. My friend Michael and I came across this abandoned power station as we were exploring Belle Isle in the middle of the James River in Richmond, Virginia. The place was full of teenagers and some of them were jumping off of some upper story windows into the …

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My Grandmother as previously mentioned was raised Catholic and for reasons of her own left the church when my Mother was a child.  The local lore on Battle Harbour raised two things.  First off, my Grandfather’s family attended the Anglican Church on the Island and while there were Catholics around, they weren’t in the majority …

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The morning fog lifts from Belle Isle to the South of Battle Harbour. Seeing as I was at the head of the Island I decided to get fancy with my tilt shift lens. The tide pools looked kind of cool through the tilt shift effect. As did the abandoned fishing boat. My second day on …

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Just round this outcropping lies Trap Cove.  It’s been a long time leading up to this moment and some of the hardest riding of my life.  I’m honestly not sure what I’m going to find there. The walk up from the landing point was steep.  You can click the panorama for the full sized image. …

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Even thought I carted around my backpack of kit today, I just used my Sigma 17-70mm  Work horse lens.  I wasn’t going to do the HDR thing today but as a rule I like to bracket my exposure anyway so at the very least I have the frames if I want to use them. I …

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Darleen’s down in Buffalo, NY right now so I went down to see her this weekend.  Buffalo is one of those cities that’s got a lot of urban decay.  Some of it was self inflicted, some of it was changing markets and I’m sure some of it was just plain ignorance on the part of …

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So my friend Pam asked me if everything that I saw down here was run down.  Of course the answer is, “No.”  There’s plenty of well appointed houses of all shapes and sizes down here, it’s just that they’re not as interesting to shoot.  It looks like my time here in Vermont is drawing to …

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Building The Love Shack

This is the story of building a cottage , the people and the place. Its a reminder of hope and love.

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