The Rough Draft

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 Road Maniac Cover

Eight years is a long time and 75,000 Kms is a long distance to travel even in little bits.  Two Wheeled Maniac covers my wins and personal losses over that time all on the back of my 2004 Suzuki DL-650 V-Strom.  The Strom has a deep and loyal following of riders.  She’s not the best at anything but with the right mods, she’ll take you anywhere you want to go and a little bit further. I’d be a very different man if I didn’t ride and not a happier one.

And just to clarify, this is a book full of experiences and opinions. Some of my views or observations might irritate or anger some readers or they might make them chuckle or outright laugh at some of my stupidity.  Some bits  may make certain readers sorry they spent the three bucks to buy this in the first place (just ask for a refund). I have no control over how the words might make someone feel. Those of us who choose two wheels over four can be an opinionated bunch (just ask about tires or oil on a motorcycle forum) and I’ll admit, I’m no different but my goal here is to entertain, not to enrage or upset and for the record I use fully Synthetic Oil.


Steve Abbott

To purchase a copy on Kindle for the US, go HERE.

To purchase a copy on Kindle for Canada, go HERE.

To purchase a copy on Kindle for the United Kingdom, go HERE.

To purchase a copy on Kindle for Australia, go HERE.

To purchase a copy on Kindle for Japan, go HERE.

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