The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

Star Wars Helmet

I’ve been looking for an open face helmet for a while now and this year, HJC released a series of superhero and Star Wars licensed helmets. So yes, I bought this one (and it was on sale!). The only stumbling block? In the superhero helmets, the Ironman helmet should be a modular one.

Find joy anywhere you can and don’t read the comments section…

I’m still having a tough time being as productive as I want to be but that’s probably just my brain being an ass. I’m halfway through the reedit of Augmented and I’m trying to make it better fit the narrative I want to tell. “Fail, Fail more, fail better,” as the saying goes. At the same time, I’m doing the base work for Devil’s Due, fleshing out the character notes and such.

Devil’s Ante is finalized as far as the audiobook goes and is in the last stages of production prior to release. I’ll post up the date when I know it. One of the things that came out of the process is I’d like to explore some shorter novella length works specifically designed for release as audio experiences. These will most likely be dual narrated with a male and female voice actors (nothing against my current narrators and their female character voicing). It’s an experiment but I think it’ll be an interesting one.

So yeah, the joy thing.

I just went to Chris Hadfield’s Generator Toronto show on Thursday night. This is a show with music, poetry, science being presented by a series of speakers asked to attend. It’s produced by Chris’ son Evan who pointed out that with no advertising and no idea who would be showing up, we managed to fill, The Royal Thompson Hall. This year’s theme was creativity. The sub theme as always is – make the world a better place and the sub sub theme is – we’re all in this together. I’d also add that the sub sub sub theme is love and curiosity > hate and intolerance. You’re also encouraged to do something because even doing a small thing builds on all of the other small things to make a big thing in the end.

Social media was also not seen as a plus and yes, I do get the irony here but we saw how it was and is used to manipulate people. Imagine if Hitler had Twitter or a Facebook page? Mussolini would be bragging about making the trains run on time…

You get the idea.

I had hoped by now we’d be beyond judging somebody by the color of their skin, the clothes they wear or even what God they choose to worship or not but people keep banging on about traditional family values which is at best a social construct steeped in nostalgia and at worst an outright lie. This of course doesn’t stop a small vocal minority going on and on about it like the sky is falling because somebody’s family doesn’t look like Ward and June Cleaver.

I’d rather we look at people and see, they’re happy and if they’re struggling, maybe try to help out. You know like that one book everybody is always going on about says to (well at least the back half of it, that front end is pretty bloody). I know things seem pretty dire right now and they are, they are but constantly feeding yourself off of the bleed and lead news cycle isn’t going to help your head. Talking to your neighbors face to face though, that could make all the difference in the world.

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