The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.


Well wifi has been an issue this trip and it’s been hard to keep up with uploading pictures. Still, that just means I’ll need some time after I’m home to finish updating everything I’ve seen and done on this trip. Meanwhile I’ll try to keep it interesting with what I do have, picture wise.

Colorado is spectacular but Utah offers up another level of visual impact. It’s stark, barren and hot. The concept of dehydration leading to severe medical issues is a reality you need to grapple with. I’d picked up a bandana prior to leaving Mississauga. I’d been wearing it to protect the back of my neck from the Sun. I’d been soaking it in water and allowing the magic of evaporation as I rode to help keep my neck cool. With temperatures hovering around the 100F mark, it was bone dry every other hour.




You’ll note, my bandana is dry.img_0676-l

Fuel for the bike is just as important as water is for me and it’s easy to get sidetracked by the beauty around you from keeping tabs on your fuel. I’d ridden through Fry and Glen Canyon before the bars on my fuel gauge started to be of concern. A quick tap on the GPS told me that there was gas available at Hite on the shore of Lake Powell.


And let’s be honest here, you’re far enough away from everything, they could charge you $5 a gallon and that’d be fine too. After my incident trying to cross that one pass, I’d left my fuel cans empty just to conserve weight. Of course now that I was deep into the territory of Southern Utah, I was regretting that choice a little bit but really gas is always within the range of your single tank. There would be a much more intense off roading experience coming up but that wouldn’t happen until after I joined up with Kelly in SLC.


Everywhere I turned there was a new style of rock formation and Hite wasn’t any different.


The heat of the day was getting to me though. I was having to take breaks more often. The road out of Hite was nuts as it took you up and around Lake Powell and over a number of side canyons. My helmet cam had died hours ago and I didn’t realize at the time that the cable I’d brought with me wasn’t any good for recharging it on the bike, like I’d done on my Translab trip. Plus the chance of injury by rockfall is very high in these canyons and there are not too many pull outs to encourage you to stop under rock overhangs. I didn’t really get any pictures until I stopped in a rest area on the far side of Lake Powell.







The weird thing is, that you seem to travel in pockets of solitude on the road here. People are far enough ahead of or behind you that you don’t see or hear them until you stop and they catch up. Your motorcycle becomes your spaceship and your helmet the bubble around you that is the only layer from the elements be they sun, rain or in this case, heat. I know a lot of people are big on riding without a helmet. I’m not one of them, never have been. To me it’s part of my gear and I like putting my gear on. Suiting up is one of my favorite parts of riding.

Like everybody, I have a bucket list. Mine may even be bigger than some but then some of the items on my list are very small. Because of my walk through Natural Bridges National Monument. I knew my initial plan of getting to Boulder, Utah wasn’t going to work out. My new plan was to make it to Torrey, Utah and see what they had there for accommodation. Getting back to my bucket list though. I wanted to see native petroglyphs. Seeing proof of ancient society is important to me. I don’t know why but it is and seeing an expression chipped into stone thousands of years before fires my imagination. Lucky for me there were some good examples on the way to Torrey.




By this time my old enemy the wind was really picking up and blasting down the canyon. Torrey proved to be a good choice with a great Mexican restaurant beside the Motel.

The next day, I’d push on to Boulder and Escalante….



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