The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.


I take a fair amount of stick about my choice of vehicle, mostly because of my height, I’m 6’2″ and have a 34″ inseam. I’ve also got pretty wide shoulders. So when people hear I drive a Mini Cooper S, they tend to focus on the Mini aspect of the name. Which I guess is kudos to BMW’s marketing, because the reality is, my car is a compact. I doubt I’d get the same amount of grief if I drove a Honda Fit or a Hyundai Accent (I had one of those for ten years and you guessed it… no stick). It’s not like I’m driving an original Mini Cooper S (Though I’d fit in one of those just fine too).

The simple fact of the matter is my car is a ton of fun to drive. It’s small, low to the ground, wide and light (even with me in it). And as much as I like an American built Muscle Car, I doubt I’d want to throw them down a seriously curvy road at high velocity. In a straight line? Sure, let that motor roar but for twisty road action I lean more towards the European mindset in regards to sports car design.

Then again, I’ve always leant towards the smaller over the larger. I could have a 1000cc motorcycle or even go whole hog and bump up into the 1200cc range but I prefer my 650cc V-Strom and if I had the budget I’d go for a 450cc machine. The trade off being going from a V-Twin to a parallel twin but that’s a pretty niggling thing about trading off some low end torque for top end power. I’d love the weight and agility of a 450cc machine. The beauty of a more off road geared motorcycle is that due to the geometry of a more dirt oriented frame, I don’t look like a bear on a tricycle.

But I’ll admit, the size thing has always puzzled me. You can get into trouble in any size of vehicle, big or small. Though on a bike the smaller ones are easier to pick up.

I did my last day at Qualtech today. I start at my new job next week. It’ll be more focused on design than installations, though I’ll still be going out on the odd call here and there. It’s a whole new area of the food industry I’ll be learning about and that’s got me pretty excited to get started. The systems we’re going to be designing will be modular, made to plug into existing processes. I’ve always been a fan of skid based systems, so in some ways, it feels like I’m going back to my comfort zone.

And in other more crazy news, I’m going back into film. I’m in the process of optioning a property that is a true story from WWII that is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. So unique, I had to try to bring it to the screen. So never say never I guess. The paperwork will be signed next week.

The last few weeks have been hard on my writing time but I’m still chugging along on getting the rough draft of Devil’s Ante done. I’ve got a few days off before the new gig starts so I’m going to try and make a big dent in getting it finished.


Devils Gambit and Reliance, my two thrillers are available on Amazon in print and for the Kindle.

2 thoughts on “It’s Bigger on the Inside

  1. somebesottedfellow says:

    If you need a lead male for the movie, just let me know.


    1. sabot03196 says:

      I’ll let casting know 😉


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