The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.


Putting the finishing touches on a 6″ Sched 10 Stainless Steel Spent Grain Line. I built the run in 3D CAD and then we built the sucker!

It’s been a crazy few weeks but in a good way, no matter how tired I am. I’ve got one more week to go in my current day job and then I’ll be transitioning into my new position with a new company. It looks like I might take a week prior to starting just to take care of all those little things that have slid by the way like; getting my eyes checked, fixing my car, and renovating my basement. Oh, and finishing two books for release at the end of summer and just before Christmas.

And remember how I said I’d never go back to film? Well apparently I was full of shit. But before you judge me too harshly let me give you some context. The first chink in my Armour was the film the big short. I wasn’t able to get out to see it its first week of release, so I settled for reading the screenplay. That was a mistake. It’s probably one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. And there was a definite tug at my soul to write another script. Like any writer worth their salt, I do have a drawer full of ideas. Of course the hard part is building the inertia into yourself to launch those ideas onto the page. I’ve never been somebody who just writes for the fun of it. I always write with an end result in mind. Unfortunately for the most part in film is your soul gets tortured for a paltry sum of money. It would be a lot easier to take if the torture came with a bigger cheque.

So yeah, I was out, I was done.

And then at last week’s writers group one of our members shared a story from her father’s work about an encounter he had just after the end of the second world War on his way to the Nuremberg trials. The four most magic words in the screen writing sphere are, “Based on true events.” There is also a point when if you’ve been doing this long enough and by this I mean working in film, where you know what IT is when you hear it. Hell you know what IT is when you see it. The first time I saw Heath Ledger in the flesh at Sundance in an obscure Australian film called, “Two Hands,” I knew he was going to be a huge star, even though he was standing behind the entire cast. So when I heard the story of what one man was told on a train bound for what was essentially the trials of the century. I knew in the root of my soul that this was an IT moment. I was bouncing the idea off of some of my contacts and getting their feedback before our group meeting was done. It would seem they too see something here.

And just like that, I was back.

Am I scared? You bet. Fear keeps you honest. It’s early days yet, I’ve just started working on the outline for the project. We’ll be signing an option and sale agreement next week. I’ve got meetings lined up already, it’s pure madness but it’s like they say, “Go big or go home.”

I’ll keep you guys updated as we go deeper into this thing.


As always, you can find my thrillers, Devil’s Gambit and Reliance on Amazon in both print and Kindle formats. It’d be great if you could give them a look if you haven’t so already.

5 thoughts on “Bouncing off the rev limiter

  1. Dave Timmerman says:

    Write on brother. Tell the story. Let us determine whether or not it is a good one… lol


  2. sabot03196 says:

    All in good time. Got to get the paperwork signed first.


  3. somebesottedfellow says:

    Anything you need?


    1. sabot03196 says:

      $35 Million USD and a distribution contract.


      1. somebesottedfellow says:

        I can get you $35, $350 or even $3500, but the rest of those zeros are up to you! 🙂


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