The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.


I got both days this weekend off. It’s been about eight weeks since this has happened, with me either working a Saturday, a Sunday or both. Needless to say I was getting a bit shaggy. So yesterday was taken up with getting caught up on all the things I’ve been having a hard time getting to. Even then there are not enough hours in the day to take care of the things you’ve put off for weeks. It’s all a bit frustrating.

Still the weather has turned for the better and the warmer and while I wasn’t able to get out on the road yesterday on my motorcycle, today was a different story. I kept it light, just a couple of hours of decent backroads and I kept off of gravel and dirt mostly because the non-winter roads are a bit crap right now and my skill set is rusty from months of disuse and is usually on that first ride of the season that you discover just how to shape you are for riding. All I know it’s not a sport compared to things you play with a puck or a ball and I’m not running any marathons here. Still, it’s physical in its own way and when you haven’t done it for a while, you do feel it. For me, my right shoulder definitely gives me grief, and right hip and if I ride long enough, both knees. Of this morning there I was just really a shakedown.

I installed the cradle for my new sumo 590LM GPS yesterday. It took a couple of hours, not because it’s difficult but because of the size of the dispersal plug located in the middle of the power and sound cable, you need to run it under the fuel tank of the DL 650. Which of course means a certain amount of disassembly of the Tupperware on the front end. Of course seeing as I was in there anyway, I took some time to clean up all the electrical connections coming off of my battery. Though to be honest it still looks like a dog’s breakfast. I’ll be ordering a distribution buss I can place under my seat. I’ve never been a fan of a messy wiring job. So today was also a test of setting a track in my brand-new GPS. Lesson learned? I’ll need to put a lot more waypoints into my tracks. To be honest, I’m still finding Basecamp a horrendous program to use to plan any sort of trip. So right now I’m using Tyre to generate my tracks and then I drop the.GPX files directly into the GPS unit. From there you have to import them internally into your create trip app. It’s a bit of a pain but not too bad once you get used to it.

I was also wearing my new Fieldsheer pants today. They’re replacing my old and very worn Joe Rocket, meteor five pants that I’ve had for 12 years at least. They were really only good for cool and cold weather riding and offered absolutely no sort of protection against wet weather. The new pants have two zip in liners, one for water and one for warmth. I can’t speak to their effectiveness against a downpour yet but today coupled with my Olympia jacket, my Klim, “Expedition,” gloves and a decent neck sock. I was very comfortable. I didn’t even have to turn on my heated grips. Which reminds me, I need to put the new set of them on as well.

I’m still deep in the guts of planning the actual tracks I’ll be taking in Colorado around Moab. Right now I’m figuring my days to transit out to hook up with Kelly and of course meet my friend David out there. It’s all very back-and-forth as far as the riding goes. Like I said, you think yourself hey that’s months away but those days, the ones in front of your departure date slip away like water.

I am really looking forward to this trip.

As always, you find my thrillers, Devil’s Gambit and Reliance on Amazon in both trade paperback and for Kindle.

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