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Sometime yesterday morning I passed 600 sales on my book Devil’s Gambit. I launched the book mid December of 2014 and while sales took a couple of months to build, by March things really took off. Every day I make any sales feels like a small miracle.

Recently I had was able to confirm that some story rights were available to me for an existing piece I’ve had out there making its rounds through Hollywood. One of the main characters in that book factors heavily in the sequel to Devil’s Gambit the upcoming Devil’s Ante. It was a tough call but I decided to work on this sort of prequel (it actually runs almost parallel to the events in Devil’s Gambit) prior to finishing Devil’s Ante for a couple of reasons. One I really like the story in Reliance and secondly, I really like character I’ll be introducing into the world. My goal with my books has always been to create a series of stories that revolve around a number of characters who come and go and have lives of their own.

Now the plan is to release, Reliance by the end of September and then Devil’s Ante by the first of December. Life’s ups and downs have pretty much nixed any possibility of another motorcycle travel book in the near future. The best I can hope for ride wise  is a research trip sometime in October to the National Museum of the United States Air Force who will hopefully have their new hanger built by then. BTW: If you are close to Wright Patterson and you love aircraft, you owe it to yourself to visit this fantastic museum.

4 thoughts on “600+

  1. lynettedavis says:

    Congratulations! Would love to know what you did between December and March to make the book take.


    1. sabot03196 says:

      Hi Lynette, I did try a couple of Twitter campaigns but they were not too successful. As a whole I find Twitter is great for meeting other authors and following people involved in things that interest you but not so great as a sales platform. Facebook likewise. But where these these platforms do help is engaging with people in a realistic way. I’m not one of those guys who post things up to make my life seem cooler. I just post up stuff that I find interesting.

      However, the one real boost was putting both of my books in the KU program. My thriller is priced at $2.99 USD, So I get around $2.00 USD for every sale. KU returns about $1.32 USD on each borrow. So I’m still getting two thirds royalty for every successful borrow. My KU borrows are around 29% of total monthly units moved of my thriller. More importantly they’re possible readers of my next books. I come out of screenwriting and there a sort of unspoken rule that everything is always about the next project not the current one and in many ways it translates to writing books as well.

      This blog drives a fair amount of traffic to my books as well. Again, I like to keep it real and about stuff that I’m experiencing and what interests me. I try to make all of my author biographies reflect that as well. If there’s one downside, you can’t rant as much on any media platform once you’re published as you run the risk of losing a reader.

      One thing that I did do was a print book giveaway on a few non writing or reader related forums and facebook. I’m an avid adventure rider and a good number of guys on some forums I post on are readers of thrillers (my main genre, though I’ve also got one Adventure Riding book out there as well). I asked politely to put a post out about my giveaway to one the board mods and was given the thumbs up. He not only gave the ok but also bought both of my books and enjoyed them, so that gave me a boost as well.

      I think if anything, it helps to be approachable by readers through other avenues.

      I hope this answers some of your question.

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      1. lynettedavis says:

        Yes! I gleaned that social media is necessary but don’t rely on it for book sales–that’s probably why it’s important to pick one that you like. And that KU and at least one book give-away helped too. Very helpful!


  2. sabot03196 says:

    Another friend of mine Adam Dreece (author of the Yellow Hoods YA series) has been hitting his local Coles and Chapters for book signings as well as a number of Comicon type events. He’s moving good numbers at these venues at least in print copies. One more thing to consider.


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