The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

I went with Kathleen to the Faire yesterday.  It was being held in the Toronto Reference Library, which was itself an impressive space.  We got there around ten in the morning and the place was already packed with lots to see.  There wasn’t a lot to photograph and to be honest I was there to ask questions about 3D Printing.

3D Printing was well represented at the Faire as well as open source electronics of the Arduino variety – something I’ll be getting more into as I go on.  A good number of the booths at the Faire were art based and it’s interesting to see technology used to further people’s vision even if the end result is not always a practical application.  A good chunk of the Faire is also focused on getting kids turned on to technology and making things as opposed to just consuming or playing things.  Some of these young people are doing some very cool stuff with the tools they have.

Upstairs in the Minimaker section, I finally did get my camera out to shoot some of the installation in their dark room.

A moving Origami and light sculpture.

A multifaceted light. I think these are some of the favorite things I’ve seen light wise. I’m going to try and get some kits of my own.

These small lights were made for the Faire and are laser cut. It’s pretty obvious, if you can think it up, there’s a way to get it made.

All of the light stuff was shot around 1600 ISO at f2.8.

Back downstairs on our way out we stopped by the R2D2 builders booth and I got to visit with an old friend.  12 year old me was very happy about this.  This club and these bots are sanctioned by Lucasfilm and they have full motion, lights and sound.  I really liked their, “Power converter.”

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