The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

I’ve been back now since the 7th and of all the trips I’ve taken this is the one I’m having a hard time getting back in the groove from.  The main object of the trip was to of course take care of some family history.  Another was to solidify my skill set on the bike and the third was to get some thinking done in regards to what comes next.  And here we’re not talking about the next big bike ride, though that’s always on my mind.

The Translab wasn’t the best road to try and have deep thoughts on.  Basically you’re just trying not to put it in the ditch or lay it over or high side.  Essentially, you’re trying not to muff it too much to really have any higher level thoughts.  Plus the fun factor for the most part is pretty much pegged all the way over to the right.

It hooked me pretty ad though, I’ve een dreaming about riding on dirt for the last week.

No, the real thinking comes in the motel room on the return leg where you’re just pounding out the miles to get home.  Basically, fundamental changes need to be made in some areas of my life.  Especially the writing side of things.  Under the current model, I cant really continue on in film.  Specs are all but dead and the funding models in Canada are just too hard to work through or around and if I’m totally honest the whole process isn’t much fun for me any more.  I’ll still keep my hand in and if the one project I’ve got out there ever gets a green light, I’ll give it everything to get it through the preproduction process but new stuff?  As far as film goes, not so much.

This doesn’t mean no more writing though.  Since I left the prose world much has changed.  The Bulwarks of Publishing  are not so formidable any more thanks to the introduction of the Kindle.  Which set off a bit of a bomb.  Self publishing on electronic and on demand platforms allow new authors to break in and find their own audiences (not without considerable work on the part of the author) and sell to them.

So right now, the plan is to revamp one of my first books and write two more smaller novels so that I’ll be able to mount three titles in quick succession while I develop other books.  I’m writing for me, not some publishing committee or producer and that is an incredibly freeing proposition.

Gearing my mind to write straight prose again is proving to be a bit of a challenge but nothing I can’t work around.

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