The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

Wow, it’s been four days already.  Things started off a little grey this morning in Happy Valley and we bumped in to these guys on KLRs at the Timmies.  They’d come up from the coast and warned us that the Happy Valley to Port Hope Simpson stretch was, “Really rough.”  Over and above the Fire …

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When I woke up this morning at 6am, I could hear that nasty sound of water running down a drain pipe.  We were staying at a lodge that had seen better days and paying handsomely for it.  How do you know you’re in a boom town?  You pay $30 for a $7 buffet and I’m …

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You know for a guy having one of the best riding days of his life, you’d think I’d be smiling. We’ll today I killed multiple birds with many stones.  I got the action cam charged up on the bike and then I used the timed interval function to cover the whole, not taking pictures when …

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No pictures today.  I’m still trying to work with the limitations of the netbook.  I’m guessing there will be an extensive reworking of this account when I’m back with my regular gear.  I did consider bringing my main laptop but the size would have been an issue and space was at a premium. I left …

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The Bike at Sharbot Lake Ontario, sometime before lunch.  As usual, the bike is having a great time while I’m nowhere to be found.  The truth is I didn’t feel like unpacking the tripod, so you get the Iphone picture instead.  Yes, I am ashamed. As with any trip things were forgotten.  Chain lube for …

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Yesterday, I loaded up the left side pannier with the dried food, gas stove, butane fuel and few other should have tools (as the tool you need is always the tool you don’t have) and then I stuffed my sleeping bag in there.  It was a tight fit. “Good,” I thought.  You don’t want stuff …

Continue reading Shot this today on the 7D.  I’m using my 10-20mm Lens so the image is a little deformed but I wanted most if not all of the bike in the shot.  This time next week, I’ll be on the road.  I picked up a Sony Action Cam today (over the GoPro) so I’m planning …

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The forecast was pretty bleak this morning but I decided to risk it with the boy and head out to Gopher Dunes Dirt Track in the hopes that the weather would be clear by the time we got there.  No such luck.  What started as a light drizzle turned into a downpour within minutes and …

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I was supposed to do the Lawrence Hacking’s Overland Adventure Rally today but instead I got to reap the results of being called in to work last Saturday.  Because I had to work, I didn’t get my tires changed and taking a good look at the state of my front.  I’m not going to trust …

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