The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

Another week has burned up but this afternoon my Spot Gen3 Unit arrived.

I also bought the RAM Mount kit for it and it’s currently mounted to my handlebars.  I’ve got to wire it up for constant power to the bike but I installed a separate power unit under my seat for just that purpose.

So the list of gear grows.  I picked up a Jetboil Flash camp stove last Sunday along with fuel for it.  I liked the fact it packs up into a something the size of a Big Gulp and it has it’s own starter, so no messing about with matches.  And seeing as I was in the Bass Pro I picked up a couple of other items like Muskol Mosquito repellent, a small Medical Kit, a Spork (because I’ve always wanted one) and some dried meal packs.  I also bought some Beef Jerky but it didn’t make it past that night (why is that stuff so tasty?).

As far as kit goes, I think that’s pretty much it, other than a  jug for water.

I’m going to start testing the loading of the bike next week.  There may be some pannier mods coming.

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