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This year the Lancaster of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum one of only two flying Lancasters in the world will be crossing, “The Pond,” to join up with the Battle of Britain Commemorative Flight in the United Kingdom to honor the sacrifices of Bomber Command Veterans.  The flight will be the first formation of Lancaster bombers since 1962, the last year Lancasters saw service in what was then the RCAF.

Late Fall into Winter is of course the main maintenance period for all of the flying aircraft in the CWHM’s collection.  All of these aircraft are of advancing ages.  All are very complex machines and require knowledgeable TLC to keep them flying.  Add to that a Trans Atlantic Flight with an aircraft that’s pushing seventy years of age and the level of maintenance on the Lancaster gets stepped up a notch or five.  I’ve been a member of the museum now for four years and I’m used to see Mynarski’s Lanc in bits over the Winter months, but today they had the full court press going on with the fuselage and engines.

Today I wanted to really get some use out of my Sigma 10-20mm f4.0-5.6 Wide Angle Lens.  Light levels aren’t as high as you’d like to shoot in the main hanger but thankfully they allow the use of tripods in the facility so I was able to shoot at ISO 100 for the majority of my shots, I bumped things up to ISO 640 for the shots involving people working on the Lancaster.  These are also almost all HDR because these aircraft have lived a life and it’s written in the warp and shape of their skin.  HDR is a great tool for bringing out texture in the subject matter.

One more engine to be returned to it’s mount.

Heart Transplant

I’ve got to say, I like this lens. This shot is at 10mm.

While it is a great shot of the bomb bay, I was trying to call attention to the fact the aircraft is on jacks.

If you’d like to see the Lancaster in action from the inside, you can check that out here.

Seeing as I had my kit out I decided to check up on how the Grumman Avenger was coming along.

They’ve got the Starboard wing on as well as the tail.

As you can see the Port wing is ready to go on as well, once there’s room.

One from the other side.

The Fairey Firefly is also getting her fair share of TLC

If you’re interested in seeing the Fairey Firefly in some taxi and wing lifting action, you can check that out here.

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, is a very alive museum.  It’s membership is active and involved in keeping her collection flying and in bringing new aircraft into the collection to celebrate and educate about Canada’s rich aviation history.  I’m really glad to be a part of that.

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