The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

So last night after a rather strenuous day at work I decided to go and play some indoor paintball at Paintball Nation in Mississauga.  It’s been three years since I’ve played their and I’ve got to say the field has improved since my last game there.  The Astroturf is gone, replaced by a sand base that feels nicely solid underfoot but still allows you to slide into position if needed without worrying you’ll break your neck.

The Friday night crowd was the usual mix of Renters and Owners and it’s nice to see a few Dads out there as well with their kids as it keeps me from being the oldest guy on the field (though I’m probably still the oldest guy on the field anyway).  The reffing was good and consistent, though they could do to be a little clearer on the rules for non regular players and on gun set up.

Why gun setup?  Well I was playing with the SP8 initially.  I’ve got the gun set up to ramp but my speed is set at 10bps instead of the full on 17bps the gun can be pushed to, realistically, I can push the gun to 22bps but that’s a little too intense for most people looking to have fun on a Friday night.  When I first got there I chrono’d in and got signed off by the ref.  You can always tell the regular or experienced players because we bring our own tools.  The SP8 has Ion internals so you need a wrench to adjust the reg.  I was still running the full on scenario configuration so the gun is a full sized assault rifle with a remote line.  The down side to the remote line is it restricts my play to right handed only and this makes going up the left side of the field a real pain as you can’t switch hands comfortably.

Anybody who’s played with me or against me knows I don’t sit at the back of the field and trade paint, I like to get up the side and push hard.  I was taught to shoot and move at the same time and I’ll push in on your position while you’re ducked out of the way.

Earlier at the beginning of the night a kid showed up with first gen Ion.  He didn’t have a clue how to set it up so I helped him out and got him up and running.  Of course I had to lend him my wrench as he had not come with one of his own.  Realistically, I should have left him to his own devices but I’ll get to that in a sec.

One of the issues in indoor is the Mercy rule as in you don’t shoot anybody under ten feet.  I think it needs some amending or at least some fleshing out.  If I get behind you I’ll mercy you if we’re close enough to touch because getting shot in the back from point blank is a douche move.  However if you run round a corner in front of me and yell, “Mercy!”  I’m going to shoot you because, what sort of idiot runs in front of a gun and doesn’t expect to get shot out.  Who pulled this stunt?  None other than the Ion guy I helped out earlier.  He then proceeds to walk, yes walk through my crossfire as I take on the two other players that were behind him.  Does he get bonus balled?  Of course he does, as he’s now a walking bunker.  The game ends and Ion boy has the balls to complain that I’ve overshooting on the field.  The refs know he’s full of shit but they’ve still got to come and have, “The chat ,” with me.  They ask me if I can set the SP8 to semi but of course the one tool I’ve forgotten is a screw driver and I don’t feel like going looking for one.  So I just tell them I’ll play with my Autococker instead as it’s a mechanical.  To his credit the Ref gets me chrono’d in for the next game.  Of course now I can shoot either hand as the remote line is off the gun.  I pushed hard up the right and used the Cocker’s accuracy to keep me moving up the field.  I came round the last corner and took out the three hiding at the back including, you guessed it Ion boy.

And in a moment of ego, because when you’re amped up, you’re not above a little shit talking, I said. “How do you fucking like me now?”

The Cocker as always worked like a champ for the rest of the night and I’ll probably just keep the SP8 for woodsball as it’s obvious its shape freaks people out for the indoor stuff.

As an aside, one of the guys there had the new Epire version on the Cocker.  It’s got a slide trigger to allow the bolt to be a flow through configuration, which means no cocking rod or beaver tail.  I remember the slide triggers from way back and I was always under the impression that the hinge trigger was a faster option.  I was able to fan mine pretty good last night but I’d need to get my hands on one of the new ones to really see.

Still, last night was fun, I’m thinking of going back to playing a couple of times a month.  I need to do something physical that doesn’t involve turning a wrench or carrying pipe.

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