The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

If there’s one thing I like about the Warplane Heritage Museum is that it’s an involved museum.  It’s part of the community and it works hard to do so and to raise the funds to keep their collection flying.  It feels like a place where there is always something going on, because there is something always going on.  This was my first vintage car show there.  I’d been to Heritage Con (The model show) and the Drag Racing Memories show (also a lot of fun), so I was expecting a decent turnout.  It was a great turnout and then some.  Of course I also knew they’d be staging the cars on the hardstand and that the museum has an excellent third story observation deck which would lend itself well to some more forced miniature shots with the Edge 80.  It would also allow me to put the lens through some more paces on level ground as well.  But mostly, I could just be around old vehicles and the people who appreciate them.

I’d seen this gentleman and his jeep the morning before as he was heading up North from the turn at Norval. Apparently there’s a military collectors show they have there every year. I’ll have to make sure that weekend is free. I’m using the Edge 80 at F5.6. Speed is probably up around 1/640 ISO is 100

If you can count how many times I’m in this image you win nothing. Taken with my workhorse Sigma lens

You can say what you want about Studebaker but they made interesting front ends.

I really liked this Porsche.

Of course making things look like models is a bit of a gimmick but in this case it’s a gimmick that works on a deeper level.  One of the guys there asked me about what kind of lens I was using.  I explained to him the whole tilt shift thing and showed him the shot I’d taken of his car.  Which led to an invite to another event on Friday night.  Which I’ll hit on the way back from dropping my wife off at the airport.  But he really dug the whole effect. because all of us remember playing with toy cars and seeing a toy like rendition of your pride and joy obviously brings back that feeling.  So here’s a bunch of shots with the Edge 80 set in the full down position.  ISO was 100 and the F-Stop was between 5.6 and 11 but most of them were at 5.6

They were also offering flights in the Chipmunk and the Harvard.

The Hudsons were well represented

And yes, there were five DeLorean Motor Cars there. I’ve never seen five together all at once ever.

I’m adding a slight drop on the lens here as I still want most of the features sharp but as you can tell, my real focus is the Corvette Emblem.




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