The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

Lensbaby Composer Pro with Edge 80 Optic f8 6/10 Exposure ISO 100

My new membership cards arrived this week so seeing as there were no plant emergencies to worry about and I actually had a day off, Darleen and I too Colin the the Canadian Warplane Museum in Hamilton.  I of course have been dying to try out my new Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic to try and create the miniature effect in a practical exposure.  Lucky for me the museum has an open upper deck where they house the Burma Campaign exhibit and it offers a decent amount of height to create the forced perspective in the lens and I’ll admit, there is a certain amount of thrill at taking a full grown aircraft and making it look like the aircraft models I used to build as a teenager.

The Edge 80 is not an easy lens to use in respects to getting the shot.  For one thing a tripod is critical.  Because of the light levels inside the hanger space, you’re shooting long exposure.  Ironically the second you tilt the focal plane on the lens, you offset the light from the light meter inside the camera and you have to manually dial the timed exposure setting up to max (30 Sec) in order for the live screen to be able to see the subject.  You need to use the live screen because in order to select your focus point, you need to have the focus set on the max level within the live screen and you’ll find that the focus range you do have is very very shallow.  These are not bad things but you need to be aware of them.  Of course after you’ve got everything locked down you then need to reset the timed exposure to something that makes more sense to give you the proper light level of say around 1/6 or 1/8.  The real trick is remembering to do this as I wasted a few minutes today waiting for the camera to do its thing so I could erase the blown out white frame and reset the setting properly.

Edge 80 Optic at f8 1/8 Exposure ISO 100

Edge 80 Optic at f8 1/30 ISO 100


Edge 80 Optic f8 1/4 ISO100 And in other news, they have the tail on the Avenger.

The Lysander in 1/32 or 1/1?

So it was fun for a first effort with the lens.  I do like the optical qualities as well.  I’m not sure what Lensbaby coats their lenses with but they do give nice color to the shots.  I’m looking forward to more exploration with this lens and I hope these shots make you want to go out and build a scale model.

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