The Rough Draft

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Fantasy vs. Reality

So it would seem I’ve picked up somewhat of a stalker.  Though in a semi professional way not in a personal way and I guess it’s got a lot to do with how social media works and also how we’re required to have a company web page, not to mention an IMDb page and the list goes on and on.

Thank God I don’t do Twitter.

So the story goes like this.  I get a message from Yahoo from somebody looking for help in getting their film produced.  I don’t mind giving advice here and there on stuff I understand but this is about a Christian based story and I do horror and thrillers.  I’m also an Atheist so as far as that market goes, I’m in the dark.  I say as much, wish them good luck and purge my mental file.

Three days later I get an email on my Production Company address and it’s the same person, same pitch.  I point out again that right there on the front page of the website is what we do and Christian anything isn’t on there and again, no idea, what you would do with this product.  I also added a line about how we don’t bother with self published stuff through disreputable vanity presses.  Blunt?  Yes, but I was getting irritated.

Tonight I get a post from Google saying this individual has added me to their Google Circle.  So now I’ve got to go on Google Plus and block this idiot.  I thought about writing a nasty email but settled for just doing the electronic vanishing act thing.  I’ve got enough crazy in my life, I’ve no need to add to the load.

I know it’s partially my fault, my name is all over the place on the web on my sites and a few others that are film related.  It’s not hard to dig me up but it’s not like I use language to give people false hope when I discuss points of working in the industry as a writer.  I have no secrets to share.  If I knew the secret, I’d have more stuff produced and I’d live in a nicer house with a workshop out back and a two car garage.

I guess my point is, when somebody tells you, “Not for us,” or, “We can’t help you.”  They mean it.  There’s no ambiguity.  They’re not interested and they won’t help you and all pestering will get you is your name passed from pillar to post with the, “Crazy,” sticker stuck beside it.  And as much as we like to think we’re all crazy in here…

Nobody wants to work with it.

Look at it like this.

Say you’ve got a crazy girlfriend and the sex is hot and off the charts inventive and fun and it’s all pretty good on that level.  But when you’ve worn yourself out or scratched that itch and the sex side of things is put to the side for the moment, all you have left, is the crazy.

And that’s not fun, not fun at all.

4 thoughts on “No Means No

  1. damageinc says:

    well it was sure fun while it lasted


    1. sabot03196 says:

      Don’t be a bitch.


  2. psiko964 says:

    This is obviously a person who believes the idea of “persistence pays off”. I understand you frustration, but the very nature of the film biz can be bipolar – one minute nobody wants your stuff, then someone gives you that break and your script/film does well and you become the next hot property that everyone wants – including those who showed you the door. . But I’m on your side – if you’ve been told twice to bugger off, they probably mean it.


    1. sabot03196 says:

      Persistence does indeed pay off in the long run but it has more to do with moving on to find the individual who can or will help you. A better bet is to be consistent. I get work because I can deliver the goods and I’m not a drama queen. This individual was told twice by me that this wasn’t a project I’d b interested in, the third pitch wasn’t the charm and now the door that could have been left open is closed forever. You have minutes in this industry to make an impression and to get your point across or that winning pitch. You need to come across as a confident professional, the desperation can come later.


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