The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

Back when my son Colin was around three we had him tested for Fragile X.  This of course involved a blood test.  For most three years olds it would have been no real issue, you tell your child it’s going to hurt but you’ll be there.  The needle goes in, there’s a few tears and it’s over.  But Colin is autistic and even a three, he was a solid strong little guy.  So it took me and three nurses to get the sample as he fought us every step of the way.  When it was over, he relaxed in my arm.  I relaxed my bear hug in response.  He then leaned forward and came back at me with his head with everything he had.

I think my nose ended up somewhere over by my left ear.

I also think there was more blood on my shirt than there was in the sample vial.

Being me and not always thinking stuff through, I grabbed the bridge of my nose and snapped everything back into place.  Which I’d like to add hurt like hell.

I didn’t know it at the time but there are blood vessels that resides in the center of your nose that provide blood flow to the cartridge barrier between your two nostrils.  Mine had been damaged and blood flow was restricted.  Six months after that blow to the face, the center of my nose essentially disintegrated.  Apparently this barrier between your nostrils is somewhat important in regards to air flow and for me it exacerbated problems I was having with sleep Apnea and really bad snoring.  How do you know you’re a bad snorer?  You wake up with your wife punching the shit out of you apparently I was a real window shaker.  In fact I know I’ve woken myself up with my snoring a few times.

Of course there are options available to you.  The CPAP machines and Breathe Right strips (which never did anything for me) and all kind of other quackery.  I hate having anything on my face at the best of times so the CPAP unit was out, not to mention I didn’t have the cash for it.  It seemed my wife would just have to wear ear plugs to bed.

Then I read about a study in Norway that used playing of the Digeridoo to help cure Sleep Apnea.  Apparently playing for fifteen minutes a day five or six days a week, reduced the symptoms.  This was a scientific study not some guys trying to sell Digeridoos as a cure for what ails you.  I’ve always thought the Didge was a cool instrument so it was an excuse to get one.  I paid $45 for a practice Didge and as soon as I got it, I started putting my fifteen minutes a day in.  Within a month, I stopped snoring and within a couple of months, my Sleep Apnea seemed to have diminished to the point where my wife no longer worried about me dying in my sleep from it.

As an added bonus, playing the Didge freaks out your cats.

The best thing about scientific studies is that others will try for repeatable results.  So far everything has come back positive.  Plus the Didge is all natural, non toxic and offensive only to cats and people who hate world music.

This is a follow up study here.

Seriously, if you suffer, give it a try it worked for me.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping in Silence

  1. Brad Stewart says:

    but do you have to bring the Digeridoo to bed?


    1. sabot03196 says:

      Only if I want to keep the cats away.


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