The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

One from earlier in the day. My focus of this shot is the interesting ironwork of the stairs, so while it might look a bit weird, the stairs stand out nicely and so mission accomplished.

I think I’m starting to get the hang of setting up shots for an HDR image.  It took a bit to figure out how to bracket my exposure properly and to be honest I’m still working that out.  I’ll tend to bracket two stops.  The beauty of the 7D is that when you set the shutter to high speed continuous, it fires off so fast there’s very little time to shake.  Light also plays a big part.  These shots were all taken at, “Magic Hour,” where the light is very golden and warm and pushing well into the 5400K range.  Not all of the shots were a success but the majority worked out well enough I’m comfortable posting them here.

Grape Vines just beginning to bud.

Darleen and I were on Oakville Mini’s Mini Escape 2.0 yesterday and the end of the day saw us at this winery out by Niagra for a tasting and Dinner.  I of course took it as more of an opportunity to get some cool shots in.

Still encountering some edge of the frame focus issues but I like the tangle of netting here.

Row 27 in the golden light.

The Winery had an old truck on the property that was used when they owned a Sand and Gravel company.  It was a wonderfully rusty ruin and really allowed me to get my HDR freak on.

The start of the process, not quite there yet but looking promising. I’ll probably take another crack at this one later.

Here I’ve dropped out saturation to increase detail. I sort of like the halo effect HDR picks up.

The other side of things.

I had to do a bit more color correction in post on this one as it was a little bit too warm for my liking.

I love how the grain in the staves of the barrel came out in this. The rows of vines in the background add a nice touch of what’s too come.





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