The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

Suzuki 72 GT380 – I love the Ram Airbox on top of the Pistons…

So, one last bike show before the cold breaks and we get back out there on two wheels.  This show’s vintage theme was, “Bikes of the Century.”  I’m guessing nothing with a 2000 in its age then.  I rode in.  Sure the thermometer read -6C but when you’ve just spent $1100 on getting your bike back in tip top shape and it’s a clear dry day – fuck it, you go for a ride.  After all, I’ve got good over gear and my grips are heated.  Of course the grips refused to work on the way in.  Oxford grips can be a bit fussy if their voltage sensor doesn’t like the numbers off of the battery when you started up that is.  Even with the Klim gauntlets on, and the wind deflector doing their bit, my fingers were a bit wooden when I got to the venue but not wooden enough to get the helmet off and get my ass inside where it was warm.

A closer look at the 380’s Air intake.

This last show isn’t the best show or the biggest but it’s got bikes and people who love bikes there and that’s good enough for me and seeing as I’d emptied the discretionary funds from the old bank account to get the bike back up to snuff, I wasn’t there to buy anything so it took a lot of pressure off of just stooging around and having a gawk and a chinwag the others similarly afflicted.

The 380’s big brother a 72 GT750 – Water cooled

A closer look at a jacketed piston from the 70’s and the early 70’s at that.

A 1926 Henderson – And you think shifting can be hard now?

No seriously, that looks involved.

At least this guy took the time to put boots on his spark plugs… Not an original option in 1926. Which made riding in the rain bags of fun.

An even closer look.

A decent KZ but I’m not feeling that exhaust too much.

The engine’s nice and clean though.

A nice little CD 175. The story with this one is it only cost $650

One from the back. I like what he’s done with the battery box and those cans are much nicer.

This triumph was very nice as well.

One from the other side.

One from the top.

Of course this sexy beast was something else. You’d think that a bike worth more than a downtown house in Toronto would rate a decent security presence but all she had was a raised podium . Which I’ll take, less to shoot through.

That engine is pure tits.

The other side of the Vincent engine…

Now as stated, this is a pretty friendly show but as a good number of the bikes are there for sale, not too much sitting on stuff parked on the floor is encouraged.  In fact there’s a lot of don’t touch, don’t sit signs everywhere you look.  So it was a bit of a shock when somebody dropped a Ducatti Monster into a Diavel in the Ducati booth.  It must be me.  The same thing happened nearby me at the Vancouver show once with a guy trying to get a feel for a BMW cruiser.  Same thing went through my mind when the guy who had dropped the bike wanted to discuss terms.  I thought to myself, “You can’t handle the bike parked and you want to take it out into traffic?”  Of course BMW is offering financing plans up to ten years, yes, ten years… WTF?  I’d hate to think what the interest incurred on that loan would be.

Later at the Tour Ontario booth, the woman manning the other side of the booth looked over at me.  “You rode in?”


“It’s really cold out there.”

“I’d noticed.”

She pretty much ignored me after that…  Yep, hard to turn this off.

The ride home was fine, this time the heated grips worked, the voltage had come up during the ride to the show.  Things were a little warmer, we were now sitting at -1C and the sun was still shining.  It’ll get warmer, the real riding season is just round the corner.

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