The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

Ammonite Fossil – Reverse in Pyrite Approx. Age 450 Million Years  15 sec exposure at f22 ISO100

Got my Macro Extension back from my Daughter and wanted to see how much of a difference it would make to my images.  Again, I prefer to shoot long exposure at higher f numbers to counter for the shallow depth of field you generate when working in the macro range.  Whenever I get too full of myself, I take a good hard look at the above fossil, a perfect Fibonacci sequence, encased in rock, banded by iron and hundreds of millions of years old.

Iron Nickel Meteorite – Mexico Approx Age: Billions of Years? I just think it’s cool, it’s been to space – heavy little sucker too. 12 sec exposure at f22 ISO100

This meteorite has a bit more height than the Ammonite but I think the details are still pretty good.  I’m about three inches from the subject shooting at 70mm on the lens which is about 106mm equivalent.

Air Intake at 55mm – 1/8 f5.6 ISO100

In the above shot you can see how the shallower depth of field creeps in to the shot and the lens starts to distort at the edges.

Same settings as above but with a shallower angle.

And here I’m just pushing things out angle wise.  I do enjoy getting close to the subject every now and then, considering a good chunk of my other stuff involves objects flying past at a high rate of speed.  It’s nice to not have to worry about your personal cover in regards to your subject matter should things go pear shaped.

The next couple of blogs will probably be a bit more focused on the screenwriting and what’s going on there.  I haven’t been talking about it much for the simple fact that when you’re working at it, you need to take a break from it and also there’s only so much I can discuss about the current projects.  I will say that there was a meeting the other day and that it was very positive, which basically tells you nothing because every film meeting is a positive thing.  The knife in the back is reserved for times you don’t expect it.

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