The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

What better place to honor the Gods of speed than at a race track?  Colin bought the tickets for this event more than a month ago.  It’s actually an all weekend affair but we just went on the Sunday.  It was pretty hot and the humidity was pretty high.  Unlike the NASCAR track, the full race track is a good two and a half miles with some pretty big altitude changes.  The first race series we caught was the Porsche GT3 series.

I’ve no idea who won the race but it was fun to watch.  This not knowing who was in the lead was to become the norm for the day.  Unlike bike races, cars can pit so the lead position can change back and forth.  Plus, for the second race, the Grand Prix race, there are two drivers for each car, which equals more confusion for the uninitiated.  Still Colin had a good time and I got to take pictures of motor sports, which makes me happy too.  I was running high ISO, as wide open an aperture as I could muster and fast like a bunny shutter speeds.

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