The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

I think i’m just about ready to wade back in to things.

Not without a certain amount of soul searching of course but it comes down to this.  When you’ve spent a significant portion of your life learning how to do something, it’s exceedingly difficult to turn your back on that skill set.  I’m a good writer, I know this because I’ve got ins where other people don’t in the industry.  However the sheer heavy lifting required to get even the smallest things done can wear you out.  Which is where I found myself after the end of last August after two projects effectively fell through.

Both had years invested in their creation.  They’re worthy projects and to see them fail in such ignominious fashion was a bitter pill to swallow and this time as I lay in the dirt, I thought, “This time I’ll just lay here for a bit.”  We’ve all been in fights where an ass kicking was pretty imminent but we waded in anyway because you know, you might get a lucky shot in.  Ironically both of those projects have carried on while I’ve taken a bit of a rest.  One looks like it’ll be heading for a life on the stage and the other, well it got re-optioned by another company and I’m just waiting to hear if it’ll be moving ahead in the development process this year.

I think one other aspect that made me take a break is the current trend of the studios to go after tent pole reissues of films and franchises.  Corporations are not know to be big risk takers, so I get the focus but if you only focus on past success (and some of it dubious success at best) you end up with an anemic slate of almost good product.  If your director is on the ball and looking to make their own stamp on it, you get Chris Nolan’s take on Batman, when it doesn’t work, you get John Carter.

I don’t write in that budget range but those film suck up a shitload of resources and so a studio won’t back smaller films who’s budgets don’t even exceed the construction budgets for these huge films.  And I’m not saying these huge films should go away.  My family has made a lot of money off of working on these films when they shoot here in Toronto.  I’ve been on the sets of  last Resident Evil and the soon to be released Total Rekall and it was a pretty cool experience (though my favorite was still the Hulk sets).

Anyway, I’m dusting myself off and will make a few phone calls and emails to let certain people know I’m back in the mix and we’ll see where it goes from there.

I know what I’m getting myself into.


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