The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

And gravity is a heartless bitch.

As I’ve said in the past, I’m not a fan of hope.  It’s not a plan and if you’re always living in hope, I think you’re missing out on a bunch of the good stuff.  I’ll throw over hope for chance in a heartbeat, though in some ways they’re different sides of the same coin.

So as also previously stated me and the film industry were on the outs.  I’d had enough, my family had had enough and there are easier ways to kill yourself.  I’d thrown myself back into a full time day job and I’d taken up some online gaming (something I said I’d never do while I was writing) but it was pretty apparent that I wasn’t very happy.

Part of that of course comes from the fact I’m not the happiest of guys to begin with.  The other side of it is I think too much (you know what I mean) and then there’s our current situation with my son and well as you know, it quickly becomes death by a thousand cuts.  But the truth is, when you set aside a big part of what defines you as a person, there is a period of mourning for the loss.  And I can’t be too clear, trying to get anything done in film, makes Sisyphus look like a pussy.

However I am blessed with a wife who does not like me to be unhappy so she used a contact she had to get my script in front of a producer.  A well known producer.  She of course told me of this.  I’ve had stuff on producers desks before and the best way to not go mad is to promptly forget about where your script is sitting.  Well at that point it was on his assistant’s desk.  Who read it and then passed it up the chain to the boss.  Who and this is the odd thing, read the entire script.

He liked it.

A lot.

Not enough to put me on the slate (but I knew his slate was full for a few years so no surprises there) but enough to maybe have some writing assignments for me down the road and enough to hold onto the script.  And the final caveat?  He wants me to send him anything else I think he might be interested in.


So it could be I’m not out of it yet.  As always, I’ll keep you informed.

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