The Rough Draft

If you can't go through it. Go around it.

A few weeks ago, one of the options on one of my scripts lapsed.  These things happen.  It’s not my first dance at the rodeo.  It lapsed because of my, “Plan A.”  The producer couldn’t come up with the money for the option.  I actually lean more towards the wouldn’t side of the equation.  Now …

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Colin has officially graduated from High School.  We are very grateful for the extra three years the program he was enrolled in afforded us but like every other parent in the room that night we understand that a whole new chapter of struggle is about to begin.  Now I did try to be proactive by …

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There are over one hundred and forty pictures of this fabulous museum that I took during my visit.  They’re much larger than the 600 pixel wide snapshots I’ve taken here.  Just click on the above link and it’ll take you there.  It also saves me a bunch of back and forth importing the links into …

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The Wright brothers managed to achieve the first powered flight on December 17th, 1903.   Glenn H Curtiss flew the June Bug on July 4th 1908.  He bought the rights to his airframe and it became the prototype for the Curtiss One pusher aircraft.  Ironically when the first Pilot’s Licenses were issued, they were done …

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Above is a 1917 Henderson.  You’ll notice it’s an inline four cylinder.  What’s interesting is it’s got a transfer case to change the direction of the final drive to operate a chain.  In the 1947 Nimbus, you see a similar setup but they decided to keep their final drive inline with the engine and go …

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Building The Love Shack

This is the story of building a cottage , the people and the place. Its a reminder of hope and love.

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