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If you can't go through them. Go around them.


Devil’s Gambit, my first book is now available for purchase on all major E-Book platforms.  Thank you for all of your support during this project, it’s meant a lot.

Considering the subject matter if Amazon and Smashwords get hacked in the coming weeks, this book will be the reason.

Here are some helpful links:


Amazon Kindle Store – Canada

Amazon Kindle Store – US

It should be available on Ibooks in the next 48hrs.



Yeah I know it’s not a great shot but that’s why I don’t tend to use my Iphone for pictures unless it’s for work.  What you are looking at is the final output from my Fabtotum 3D printer.  Now I’ll admit it’s not the most user friendly machine in the world but once you figure it out (and the interface) the possibilities are endless.  The thing that looks like a whale tail at the top of the picture is a prototype vortex eliminator for my bike.  This first copy is a little light so I rewrote some of the print G-Code to give me a heavier internal structure.

Of course every day is an adventure with this thing.  It’s a new design and there are always bugs.  It’s not a machine for somebody who expects it to work right out of the box.  It’s taken a couple of weeks to get it printing.  some of that was due to poor communication through the manual but the support guys talked me through, though it’s a day each way because they are in Italy and that six hour time difference is a bitch.  Today’s problem which was essentially a head that was only going through the motions of printing turned out to be a pinched feed tube which I discovered by taking off the back of the unit.  I’ll be reinforcing the vertical portion of the feed tube by sliding a larger diameter poly tube over it, which should stop it from sliding over and getting stuck again.

I’m glad I’m in a mechanical based industry and that service and maintenance are a big part of my job.  Figuring out what’s wrong with stuff on a daily basis has never hurt me and lets me tackle everything from automation to outright fabrication.

Which is why it’s pretty exciting to take something from a drawing to a solid.  The Fabtotum has the ability to do 3 and 4 Axis milling as well, so that’ll be the next learning curve.  Well that and the laser scanner and learning how to translate the cloud data into a 3D shape.

Right now I’m printing the Vortex Eliminator V2.0 and I’ve got to say the future looks boundless.


Sabot Productions is now Sabot Productions Inc.

The paperwork cleared today.  Tomorrow I set up the company bank account and then finalize the paperwork for my tax exemption for US sales.  If all goes as planned I’ll be launching Devil’s Tail – A nuclear thriller before the end of next week.  Two Wheeld Maniac, an account of my last eight years and 75,000Km on my much loved V-Strom is set to follow on in January.

My writing journey has been long, weird, sometimes frustrating but ultimately satisfying.  This is a whole new chapter for me and independent publishing has come light years from when I first heard about it way back when.  I don’t want to set the world on fire here but I sure would like to share some of the voices and interesting characters in my head with everybody.

Here’s looking to a decent holiday season and a really positive end to the year.

I’m looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings.


Well we’re getting close. I’m almost finished the current edit.  Then it’s going to take me a couple of days to put the manuscript into the proper .docx format through Word for Smashwords.  I’ve decided to go with Smashwords over the Kindle Select program mostly because of the impact of the new Kindle Unlimited model on author earnings on Amazon.  It simply doesn’t make sense to put all of my eggs in one basket when for a little bit more work, I can release on every platform available.

I’m also waiting for my incorporation papers to come through.  Apparently not being incorporated can effect your tax load on royalties if you try to transfer the copyright from personal to your corporation at a later date.  I’m still nervous about all of this but you know how it is, pre-jump jitters.

If my book, Devil’s Gambit,” looks like your cup of tea please feel free to punch in your email in the form below and I’ll be sure to notify you of when it’s going to be available for purchase.

Devil’s Gambit – Korea will be one country once again.  North Korea steals three nuclear warheads from a Russian Missile Base and smuggles them on board their latest and most advanced submarine back to the Fatherland.  It’s up to SEAL Team 3, a joint US / Russian NEST team and a two SAS operatives to make sure these weapons never make it onto a rocket.  No matter what.  World War III hangs in the balance.


Said goodbye to  a friend today.  John Facette, you will be missed.

I’d actually winterized the bike already but when the call came out from Ian our club President about John’s passing, it was a no brainer that barring a blizzard, I’d be riding down to his funeral. and I wasn’t the only one in the club who felt this.  One of the hardest parts of today was seeing John’s bike not being ridden by him to his interment.

He was a good and solid guy and I wish I’d had a longer time to know him better but you take what time you’re given and are thankful.

The undiscovered country from whose bourn
No traveler returns, puzzles the will
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?
                                                William Shakespere
Ride on my friend and see where those new trails lead.

I went with Kathleen to the Faire yesterday.  It was being held in the Toronto Reference Library, which was itself an impressive space.  We got there around ten in the morning and the place was already packed with lots to see.  There wasn’t a lot to photograph and to be honest I was there to ask questions about 3D Printing.

3D Printing was well represented at the Faire as well as open source electronics of the Arduino variety – something I’ll be getting more into as I go on.  A good number of the booths at the Faire were art based and it’s interesting to see technology used to further people’s vision even if the end result is not always a practical application.  A good chunk of the Faire is also focused on getting kids turned on to technology and making things as opposed to just consuming or playing things.  Some of these young people are doing some very cool stuff with the tools they have.

Upstairs in the Minimaker section, I finally did get my camera out to shoot some of the installation in their dark room.

A moving Origami and light sculpture.

A multifaceted light. I think these are some of the favorite things I’ve seen light wise. I’m going to try and get some kits of my own.

These small lights were made for the Faire and are laser cut. It’s pretty obvious, if you can think it up, there’s a way to get it made.

All of the light stuff was shot around 1600 ISO at f2.8.

Back downstairs on our way out we stopped by the R2D2 builders booth and I got to visit with an old friend.  12 year old me was very happy about this.  This club and these bots are sanctioned by Lucasfilm and they have full motion, lights and sound.  I really liked their, “Power converter.”

Thanks to the snowfall yesterday and the GTA’s decision to not put out a decent response with snowplows and salt trucks, my drive home was shall we say… long.  Of course this morning’s clear air with just the cloud coming off of the lake, provided me with a pretty decent sunrise full of golden light.  Shooting sunrises is always rewarding though it does require a fair bit of patience as weather issies don’t always reveal themselves until the Sun is on the horizon.

I do prefer to shoot sunsets.  Mostly because I have ample time to compose and set up my shots.  Sunrise shots require a fair amount of faffing about in the dark making sure you’re set up properly and seconds lost are opportunities gone forever.  Shooting a sunset is a bit more relaxed even though you’re still subject to the same weather issues that can ruin the whole thing.  I do think that planning to do these shots almost always pisses off the weather gods.

This morning’s sunrise as good enough I regretted not having my camera with me.  Though if you think they get pissed at you for using your phone, you can imagine the fit they throw if you’re using your DSLR.  I should just set up the action cam to get the shots.  It’s got a nice wide angle lens on it and the resolution is pretty good too.

Devil’s Gambit is a third of the way through it’s edit.  It’s looking good.  Road Maniac is prepped and ready to go  to edit.  I’m just trying to resolve some file size issues in regards to Amazon before I settle the final format.  Kelly did a beta read of the pre-edited version of Devil’s Gambit and asked me if I was going to be bringing back one of the main characters in another book.  Well this morning I had a good idea for that on the way in to the day job.  So the solid answer is, yes, they will be back.  I’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of Elmore Leonard and have all of my characters with the exception of the scifi stuff, inhabit the same world.  This should allow me to make some interesting crossover choices for my characters in later books.

There’s some other stuff coming down the pipe in the new year but unfortunately I can’t reveal any of it yet.

Stay tuned though.

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